Universe twice as old as we’ve been told?

As I’ve previously noted, science isn’t what it used to be … and probably never was. Here is yet another case in point:

Recently, Dr. Rajendra Gupta, a theoretical physicist from the University of Ottawa, put forth a stunning proposition.

He claimed that new data suggests that the universe is almost twice as old as previously believed. Experts have told us that the universe is nearly 14-billion-years-old for decades now. Gupta says it may instead be 26.7 billion-years-old. And, if that's the case, he asserts that there is no need for dark matter to exist as everything in the cosmos is therefore explicable and functioning tickety-boo, thank you.

I can almost hear scientists saying, “Our bad. We may have gotten the age of our universe wrong by 13 or 14 billion years, and goofed on the whole dark matter thing by believing it to be the most common element in the universe when actually it may not exist at all. But, hey, despite all the wild historical fluctuations, we are certain we can predict what the average temperature of the planet will be in say, 100 years! So please get rid of your gas stoves and lawnmowers with all due haste. Peace out.”

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay

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