9/11 and NoLa aftermaths: compare and contrast


While in Las Vegas this week, I happened to turn on the evening local news on television and saw one of the New Orleans police officers who had accepted a vacation in Las Vegas talk about walking around Sin City without a care as if this was normal, acceptable behavior. They guy had less shame than the Clintons or Al Capone, albeit his sins were probably less. The Las Vegas TV station spoke calmly about him, totally uncritical. Las Vegas is one of many cities offering New Orleans teachers jobs to deal with their teacher shortages.
I personally happened to have been at the West Palm Beach Airport in 2002 when a group of NY City firemen, in uniform, arrived for a donated vacation in nearby Jupiter, FL. Someone asked them if they were the New York firemen (that were in the local papers) and the crowd broke out into spontaneous applause. There was no spontaneous applause for the New Orleans policemen in Las Vegas, to say the least.
Jack Kemp (not the politician)  9 10 05