Tony Blair gets BBC bias


Every single day we can count on the BBC News for at least one "hate America" story. The American Thinker has tried at times to call attention to blatantly biased BBC coverage of the United States.

But when Prime Minister Tony Blair is reported by the Financial Times to be "shocked over BBC Katrina coverage" it seems that even the British establishment is starting to take notice.

Based on a private conversation with Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch told FT that Blair "was shocked by the BBC's coverage of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans, describing it as 'full of hatred of America.'" Murdoch is a critic of the BBC, but we have eyes and ears, too. BBC hatred of America is plainly visible in its daily "reporting." As the largest government—owned media empire in the world, the taxpayer—subsidized BBC is systematically poisoning millions of minds in Britain, in Europe, and through its famous World News Service, throughout the world.

In an age of Islamofascist terrorism, the damage done by BBC disinformation to Western democracies is simply incalculable. Al Qaeda doesn't need Al Jazeerah to get its message out.  BBC "News" does the job of spreading hatred of America all by itself.