A new academic boycott of Israel


AUT, the British higher education union, has declared a boycott of Israeli universities.

The executive committee will issue guidance to AUT members on these decisions.

Council delegates also referred a call to boycott the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the executive committee will investigate the background to this and will report in due course.

Council delegates also agreed to circulate to all local associations a statement from Palestinian organisations calling for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

What outrageous bias. Not China or Cuba, not Saudi Arabia or the Sudan, not Iran or the PA? Just Israel.

The implication for the free exchange of information between academicians is equally appalling.

This deamnds a response. Perhaps a reciprocal demand that AUT members be denied visas to teach, lecture or attend conferences here and that no federal funds may be spent to attend conferences or fund projects with any institution which complies with the AUT boycott?

Clarice Feldman   4 23 05