Tina Brown's race to the bottom


Tina Brown, now a newspaper columnist following her disastrous failure as editor of The New Yorker, may have taken the lead today in her ongoing race with the NY Times's Maureen Dowd to determine which can better use twisted bitchiness and vitriol as the primary basis for earning a journalistic living.
Writing in today's New York Sun, La Brown rises to new heights of cattiness with her savaging of the newly elected Pope:
"Until — Oh, no! Cardinal Ratzinger! His very name was ominous, a cross between Ratso Rizzo and William Zanzinger. His election was like the sharp rap of a ruler across the knuckles by a punitive nun. It was as if you expected Barack Obama and got Bob Dole. "
In her lengthy column of condemnation and vicious anti—religiosity, the babbling Brown concludes with a lament of disappointment that Benedict XVI might actually not turn his back on the church he'll now govern:
"So the prayer, so to speak, was that the new pope might miraculously turn out to be a shot in the arm not just for anti—materialism but also for anti—religious humbug, anti—medievalism, and anti—repressive orthodoxy. Instead of which, it looks as if we are in for more dogma closing the windows of our world — unless he enjoys an epiphany."
Dick Weltz   4 21 05