A new day to celebrate


Christina Hoff Sommers describes the inevitable response to lionization of The Vagina Monologues and its hypocritical response from campus authorities, Warning: graphic language.

I was on a college campus once at the time of the annual "take back the night" event. From the testimonies,  it appeared that 80% of the mostly affluent women had been raped by a family member. You might have thought these women grew up in Mingo County, West Virginia, and and not Winnetka or Scarsdale or suburban Atlanta.

The event had all the usual chanting and marches through campus,  the men who shared the pain and admitted their prior sex crimes, the safe houses, the entire therapy culture, acknowledging near universal victimhood for one gender, and near universal crimes by the other. 

But The Vagina Monolgogues seems to suggest that taking sexual advantage of young girls is terrific, even heavenly, if perpetrated by older women, as opposed to men.

Richard Baehr  5 02 05