ABC News airs terrorist, irks Russians


ABC news seems to have a soft spot for terror. Peter Jennings is notoriously indulgent to the Palestinian cause. His ethos now may pervade the entire organization. Recently, ABC News program Nightline ran an interview with Chechen terrorist Shamil Basayev,

Basayev is no less than the warlord who proudly took credit for the 2004 raid on the Beslan school that killed more than 320 people, many of them little children.

Not only did ABC news give this mass—murderer a megaphone and credibility, they also managed to deeply offend Russia, a key ally in our efforts to defeat terror. Basayev called the Russians 'terrorists' and even taunted Russia about future terror attacks.

Russia is now enraged and could easily frustrate our efforts to curtail terror in a million different ways.

Ed Lasky   7 29 05