Absurd LA Times editorial


This editorial from the Los Angeles Times is absurd but plays into two trends: 1) the Orwellian whitewashing of the fact that religious leaders within the Muslim community create fertile ground for terrorist violence; and 2) the Kerry—like trend to look at these actions from a law—enforcement issue.

The law enforcement approach would be an after—the—event approach and come only after innocent people have suffered. Since it is clear that terrorists are willing to die in these actions, this approach is absurd and ineffectual.

Only a preemptive approach and one that concentrates the blame where it belongs ——Islamic culture —— would be effective. Furthermore, the Times states that placing the onus of responsibility on autocratic Middle East governments is often heard in the American press, but not in the Middle Eastern press.

What I often read in the press is that American imperialism and Israel are the causes of Islamic terrorism. The editorial also injects moral equivalency into the argument by noting that some of the Russian protesters made racist remarks concerning dark—skinned people.

Posted by Ed  9 9 04