Admiral Inman and Plame


I received a comment on my article on Admiral Inman (republished on my site) from someone purporting to be Larry Johnson:

Hey boneheads,
I actually spoke with Admiral Inman. He said he was misquoted (Gee, what a surprise, the NRO can't get its story straight). He's disgusted by the attacks on Valerie Plame. You guys only got one thing right, Admiral Inman is a class act.

Also, on Josh Marshall's TCMP Cafe, Johnson has a post about a phonecon with Inman where he says that Inman thinks his remarks were taken out of context.
Were they?
I posted a response to Johnson's piece here.

Stephen Sprueill's response to Johnson's piece is here.
And here's the post on Josh Marshall's TCMP Cafe.

Note where Johnson says:

What is so despicable about all of this is that the conservative movement, which was born in part from the efforts of Whittaker Chambers to expose communist treachery,...


Rick Moran   7 29 05