Alarm bells from Iran


Iran's evident rush to develop nuclear weapons is alarming enough. But expressions by authorities of their intention to use such weapons against Israel are doubly alarming, as Israel has left no doubt of its intention to retaliate massively in the event of a nuclear attack.

Now, Regime Change Iran is reporting that

The official Iranian news agency Fars, which is close to the conservative circles in Iran, recently published a statement by Ayatollah Hossein Nouri—Hamedani, one of the Iranian regime's leading religious authorities, in which he advocates fighting the Jews in order to prepare the ground and to hasten the advent of the Hidden Imam, the Messiah according to Shiite belief.

It should be noted that the Fars news agency took the report off its web site several hours after its publication, and other Iranian media outlets close to the conservatives refrained from citing it.

The lunatic thinking of demonology embraced by the Ayatollah amounts to a blaming of all the world's ills on Jews and their "slaves" in America and Western Europe. Follow the link for the appalling details.

But why would theses thoughts be published and then censored? Most likely, the thoughts represent the beliefs of many of the religious extremists in the Iranian regime. That would account for their publication. But once published, as reactions started drifting back, there must have been a relaization that such honesty about their beliefs could only lead to increaed pressure, including possible military action, to end Iran's capacity to build nuclear weapons.

It should be abundantly clear that allowing nuclear weapons into the hands of madmen is a resipe for world disaster. The mullahs are the true spiritual heirs of Hitler. We are on notice, as we were with Mein Kampf. Hitler could have been stopped before he did as much damage as he ultimately did. So, too, for the mullahs.

Thomas Lifson   4 24 05