Allah and Gaia agree


Oddly enough, on the question of who is really responsible for Hurricane Katrina there is now perfect agreement between a senior Kuwaiti Minister and such dingbats as Ross Gelbspan in the Boston Globe, who just knows — knows with the certainty of the True Believer — that America is to blame for the disaster.

Even the Churches of the Left, usually the last people to believe in anything otherworldly, are now sensing the hand of a divinity. The Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth tells us that Gaia, our Earth Mother, is giving us a stern warning. It also provides a convenient prayer to propitiate Her.

As for Kuwait's Minister for Endowment — no, not Gaia's endowment — he is sure that this is Allah's revenge on America. Within hours of Katrina's landfall, a Kuwaiti newspaper published his conviction that "The Terrorist Katrina is One of the Soldiers of Allah... The Disaster Will Keep Striking the Unbelievers for What They Have Done."

It is interesting how these folks think alike. Allah, Gaia, and the Revenge of the Earth are all deities, whose intent is infallibly interpreted by their True Believers. They all see the storm floods as an apocalyptic event.

And interestingly, they all point to the same Satanic unbelievers who are to blame — the United States of America and George W. Bush.

Hmm... Didn't America save the people of Kuwait from Saddam and his official rape rooms not too long ago? And doesn't America go to inordinate lengths to allow the worshippers of Gaia to indulge their batty visions to their hearts' contents?

On behalf of the hurricane victims, who deserve better than to be sneered at this hour, here is a message to our apocalyptic friends:

Spare us your moralizing. Just send money.