Al-Zarqawi Declares


Overlooked in the US media is the war that al Qaeda has been waging on the Shiites of Iraq, recklessly slaughtering hundreds of Shitte civilians by exploding truck bombs in mosques and market places. Just to remove any last doubts, Zarqawi has now openly declared "total war " on the sixty percent majority Shiites in Iraq.

In his colorful jargon, Zarqawi, who is a Sunni of the Wahhabi sect, and therefore considers all Shiites to be "idol worshippers," writes:

"Beware. By Allah, we will not treat you (Shiites) with compassion, and you will have no mercy from us. ... whoever is proven to belong to the Pagan [National] Guard, to the police, or to the army, or whoever is proven to be a Crusader (US) collaborator or spy, he shall be killed. Furthermore, his house shall either be destroyed or burned down, after the women and children are taken out of it."

But destroying the millions of Shias of Iraq will not enough. Zarqawi also warns his fellow Sunni Muslims:

" Beware, oh Sunni scholars, has your sons' blood become so cheap in your eyes that you have sold it for a low price? Has the honor of your women become so trivial in your eyes? Beware. Have you not heard that many of your chaste and pure sisters from among the Sunnis of Tel'afar had their honor desecrated, their chastity slaughtered, and their wombs filled with the sperm of the Crusaders and of their brothers ... ? Where is your religion? Moreover, where is your sense of honor, your zeal, and your manliness?"

Believe it or not, this is good news. Zarqawi has just sworn open warfare against the majority Shiites of Iraq, and ALSO against Sunni Muslims who are planning to vote on the draft Constitution. Sunni leaders are now encouraging their people to vote ——— but Al Qaida considers elections to be un—Islamic. Anybody who votes is therefore the enemy.

Zarqawi is now at war with every major group in Iraq, and there is a very good chance that he has just signed his own death warrant.

James Lewis   9 16 05