Amnesty International's head's moral status


It appears that Irene Khan, head ("Secretary—General") of Amnesty International, was a passive participant, doing nothing about it as a Jewish lawyer was barred from the 2001 UN  "World Conference against Racism" (but not necessarily anti—Semitism). Anne Bayefsky, in the National Review provides an account:

"As a representative of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists I was about to enter our meeting place along with the president of Amnesty, Irene Khan, when the chief representative of Human Rights Watch, Reed Brody, turned to me in the presence of the others and told me I was not welcome and had to go. Said Brody, to the objection of no one (although I had worked professionally with many of them for years), I represented Jews and therefore could not be trusted to be objective."

Jack Kemp   6 6 05