Another AP cover-up


The AP continues the major press tactic of downplaying the atrocities committed by Muqtada al—Sadr's so—called militia while they had control over Najaf's Old Quarter during the recent fighting there.  It is clear that today's report  (via The San Francisco Chronicle) sugarcoats the actions of Sadr's thugs when contrasted with the actual intelligence reports  obtained by Rowan Scarborough of The Washington Times.  In its never—ending quest to be fair and balanced, the AP gives the reader a nuanced perspective from both the citizenry of Najaf and the terrorists.  The writer states that,

Eager to discredit al—Sadr and his group, police said the bodies were victims of the court's summary justice. The cleric's aides insisted the corpses were people who died during the fighting in Najaf. Like many details of those weeks of violence, the true story of the bodies was probably buried with them. [emphasis mine]

How Miriam Fam knows that the Najaf Police are eager to discredit Sadr as the result of some personal vendetta instead of the police simply reporting the facts is unknown.  But it is plain that the last sentence is a blatant lie. The true story is not buried with the bodies, since under 200 mutilated bodies have already been found, with some of these showing evidence of rape.

Thanks AP, for your continued obfuscation and deception in your fight for these terrorist thugs.  At least we can now officially add this agency to the enemy order of battle roster.

Posted by Doug 9—10—04