Anthony Daniels


For those of you not familiar with Anthony Daniels, pen name 'Theodore Dalrymple', I would like to suggest that you get to know him. Reading his work is getting to know him. He mostly writes in the first person and from personal experience that is deep and wide from his travels, reading and work as a physician — in England as well as abroad. I would suggest starting with 'Gooseberries', one of the finest essays I've ever read in my somewhat limited literary experience. Other pieces from the New Criterion available without subscription include:

Bolivar's platter — The New Criterion — March 2000

Tiresisa redux — The New Criterion — April 2000

Reticence or insincerity, Rattigan or Pinter — The New Criterion — November 2000

Discovering LaRochefoucauld — The New Criterion — April 2001

Arrested development — The New Criterion — June 2002

The anatomy of murder — The New Criterion — February 2003

Priez pour lui — The New Criterion — September 2003

Many examples are also available online by doing an author index search at the City Journal. His 'Oh, to be in England' series gives excellent insight into the pitfalls of liberal social theory run much further amok there than in America.

Doing an author search at the Telegraph will yield numerous short articles as well as book reviews which are usually authored in the Daniels' name.

Bon app it.

Dennis Sevakis   4 15 05