Anti-Christian bigotry (continued)


Bill O'Reilly had a report last night that echoed our revulsion at the anti—Christian bigotry shown in the ad attacking the Gallup organization and George Gallup, Junior . This ad attacked the methodology used by the Gallup ad and charged that the evangelical faith of  George Gallup, Junior may have lead him to fudge the results to favor George Bush.

The New York Times had no problem publishing this advertisement which attacked a prominent figure on the basis of his faith. A thought experiment: would the Times publish an ad which cast aspersions on the performance of a public figure because he was Jewish? Or because he was black? How about homosexual?

O'Reilly reported that Gallup noted that their methodology was widely followed by other polling groups and has been proven accurate through numerous election cycles. Furthermore, the company noted that Mr. Gallup is RETIRED and has spent the last 20 years studying religion. The company stated that "quotes from George Gallup about religion with political polling makes no sense to us here at Gallup."

Ed Lasky  9 29 04