Anti-Semite backs Carter Center


A Saudi prince who supports anti—Semitic, anti—American , pro—Jihad media gives millions to Carter Center in the presence of Representatives Conyers (D—MI) and Rahall (D—WV). He is also a major giver to the American—Arab Antidiscrimination Committee.

This is the same oil prince who tried to lecture America about how 9/11 was our fault due to our foreign policy, while he was handing over a $10 million check to the Republican mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani to help ameliorate the damage that the Saudis caused.
Rudy summarily refused the check and gave it back to the prince. After the check was refused, Democratic Congresswoman and Israel, Bush, America—basher Cynthia McKinney said she would gladly take it.
A few years have passed and the Saudis have not changed in promoting hatred and causing problems in the world—but apparently some people in the Democratic Party have no problem taking this money.
Ed Lasky   7 13 05