Let's learn about the Brave in the Land of the Free


The headline of an AP report at FoxNews.com is 'Body of Missing SEAL Found in Afghanistan.'  His name is being withheld pending notification of family.  When will the follow—up story come and tell us his story?   And what of the other 16 Americans who were aboard a helicopter that was shot down on June 16th? When do we hear their stories?  Sure, for those who eagerly keep count, this SEAL and the others will be added to the tally of war dead, but there are those who want to know these men. 

I've often heard the question, 'If the terrorists were not fighting us in Iraq, then where would they be?'  Of course, the answer is fighting us on the streets of Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.  But here is a new question, 'If our military were not in Iraq, where would they be?' 

The answer from the Left would be, 'Safe and secure right here at home.'  But, to be intellectually honest, wouldn't Democrats have to admit they spent the 1990's cutting the military?  And not just reducing the increase in spending but actually making deep cuts to all things military?  Did they not spend much of their time attempting to cripple the Armed Forces by making it an incubator for social experimentation?    Did they not make much of so—called scandals like Tailhook?  Did they ignore attacks on the military overseas (the Khobar Towers and the U.S.S. Cole)?  Were they not of the same opinion of their leader who 'loathed' the military?

We must give thanks that our men and women in uniform understand the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. For them, it's what they do.  It's their job.  Granted, the job is dangerous, but it must be done.  And they do it with honor. 

It's not easy for the civilian population (of which I am one) to view pictures of soldiers who have lost limbs and certainly not easy to understand the sacrifice of a battlefield death.  Those who protect us deserve to know that we who are the protected are getting an honest education on their profession.  But where are the teachers?  Where is the classroom? 

When brave and wounded soldiers throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium on Independence Day, how come they don't rate a picture on the back page, let alone the front page, of the daily paper?  We sing the national anthem at ballgames.  Let's use that time to be part of our education by putting up pictures and graphics of the true heroes in this 'land of the free.'  What team or league will step up to the plate first?

J. James Estrada   7 11 05