APB for McCain


Matthew May, our frequent contributor, has made a superb observation on his blog site, Matt May.

Why hasn't Sen. John McCain taken to the Senate floor to denounce Sen. Richard Durbin for Durbin's remarks comparing the United States prison guards down at Gitmo to the Soviet work camps, the Nazi extermination of the Jews and the murderous regime of Pol Pot?

Unlike Durbin, McCain knows a little something about being tortured as a prisoner of war. McCain knows first—hand the definition of what true violations of the Geneva Convention look like (inasmuch as McCain was a uniformed combatant in an enemy prison, unlike the residents of Gitmo). These methods do not involve rap music, three squares a day or a brand new religious tome of one's choice. Every time McCain attempts to comb his hair he is reminded of what physical violence as a method of interrogation really feels like, and it does not involve air conditioning.

Read the whole thing.

Thomas Lifson   6 17 05