Bad news for Tom DeLay


Tom DeLay, who won re—election by a 14% margin in 2004, could face a much tougher challenge in 2006. Nick Lampson, a former Congressman, who lost his seat after the DeLay—supported redistricting plan was passed by the Texas state legislature, is planning to challenge  DeLay next year.

Lampson's former district included about 30% of DeLay's current  district. With Lampson's name  recognition, big money likely to flow to him for the race, and  the liberal medai whipped into a frenzy about Delay's conections to lobbyists (not that different it appears from many other Congressmen), this could be a very difficult race for Delay.  Delay's new district did not become more GOP friendly in the redistricting plan. 

Richard Baehr   4 27 05