BBc and honor killings


The BBC earnestly reports:

There is growing concern among Palestinian human rights workers after the killings of at least six young women in recent months. [emphasis added]

The killings in question are so—called "honor killings" of women who are thought to have dishonored their families by, for example, being raped. The BBC knows full well that this charming custom is regularly carried out in many Arab countries, but chooses to portray the recent instances as aberrational. Makes the cause of Palestinian independence look worse, you know, so better cool it, guys.

It would be refreshing if the BBC reported on the number of "honor killings" in the last year throughout the Islamic world, including among Muslims in the UK. I am not holding my breath.

Hat tip:

Thomas Lifson  5 07 05

Joe Crowley adds:

While the BBC is reticent to live up to the honor of their profession by reporting the whole truth/story of "honor killings" apparently they have no compunction about over sensationalizing a story with salacious headlines when it comes to denigrating the US military. See; Sex assault rise in US military