BBC spins for Bolivia's Marxists


BBC calling again, as usual, with a biased error betraying its true leftist agenda. This time, they were caught giving aid and succor to none other than Bolivia's Marxist Evo Morales' identified in Investor's Business Daily this week as Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's 'second willing domino.' The BBC errantly reported a court ruling on census data and then said the election rules stiffed Morales' party, complete with supporting statement from Morales' spinners.

Fact: The court ruled exactly the opposite way the BBC said, something that would discredit Morales' spinning.

Miguel Centellas, a Boliivian blogger, guesses the problem is BBC incompetence. Knowing these guys, we don't. Miguel has written them a note politely informing them of their error and we have a pretty good idea how they're going to treat his request for a correction. We know what side they're on.

Miguel's post is here.

A.M. Mora y Leon 09 25 05