Shape of things to come


Whether the rank and file in the Republican party are out of touch with the leadership, or, as seems more likely from the gist of this piece over at The American Spectator, the leadership is faced with an increasingly vocal conservative wing demanding spending discipline. The worried Republican Study Committee chairman Mike Pence is eponymous leader of a House faction determined to impose some fiscal fetters upon a seemingly uncontrolled spending spree by the current Congress and Administration. Dissention in the ranks is not appreciated by the House leadership and this could become a serious split in the party. I suspect this isn't the last we've heard of Rep. Pence — spending cuts or otherwise.
While the House is engaged in their spending battle, Sen. Rick Santorum has dropped off the political radar while his re—election poll numbers drop even faster. Is he hiding or just girding for the trials ahead? Stay tuned.
One thing about politics, it's never dull. Infuriating, perhaps, but never dull.

Dennis Sevakis   9 26 05