Berkeley blood feast update


The trial of the 16 year old girl who slashed an elderly woman's neck to the bone faces a possible delay. "Misunderstandings" between the Alameda County Probation Department and the Alameda County Health Department in setting up court—ordered psychiatric testing evidently are to blame. In addition, the suspect was placed on a "psychiatric hold."

Court Commissioner Mark Kliszewski was not amused, and accused the agencies of "disobeying court orders."

"She should be taken to Herrick Hospital (in Berkeley) for a psychiatric exam immediately," Kliszewski said. "Do we understand that?"

Meanwhile, Hamaseh Kianfar, the Alameda County mental health worker who accompanied the assailant, and then drove her away in her sports car, failing to notify police and violating county policy forbidding contact with clients outside the therapeutic setting, has resigned her part time job with the county. She had continued to draw her salary while on administrative leave.

The case is already biazzare. The screw—ups and odd behavior of the justice system makes it even stranger.

When will the national media notice?

Thomas Lifson  4 14 05