Beware fear-mongers


Environmentalists and anti—nuclear power crusaders long have used the accident at Chernobyl as the poster child for their efforts to end the use of nuclear power. This is despite the fact that using nuclear power would cut energy imports, help reduce funding going to terrorists, and result in less pollution released into the atmosphere (thus reducing the purported greenhouse effect).

Now, 10 years later, we discover that the findings and the warnings of these environmental groups were deeply flawed and probably biased . Further, their recommendations (which were carried out) may have caused harm to the people of the region.

The aid given to the region has created a culture of dependency and soaked up too high a percentage of the region's resources. Presumably these resources would have been used more productively, absent the Cassandras.

This is a lesson about claims of global warming "crisis"? Nobody in the MSM will be interested in making the point, though.
Ed Lasky   9 06 05