Bitter fruit of capitulation to idiocy


Heather Mac Donald exposes for all to see the ridiculous anti—intellectualism behind Harvard president Lawrence Summers's grovel before the goddess of diversity. Summers is a man I used to admire. But his abject surrender to the worst kind of anti—intellectualism, so brilliantly portrayed by MacDonald, will ensure that if and when sensibility ever returns to academia (I can hope, can't I?), his administration of Harvard will bear a permanent stain.

This is a personal tragedy for Summers. He must have been told to genuflect or else lose his job. He dared speak the truth, and then flinched. Far better for him to have earned a noble place in history than to hold onto the trappings of glory at the cost of his intellectual integrity.

It is long past time for a university president somewhere to stand up and denounce the travesty which diversity—mongering has foisted upon America's adademic world. The public already gets it. A few brave souls willing to proclaim the nakedness of that particular emperor would do the trick, actually.

Hat tip: Powerline

Thomas Lifson    6 4 05