Ridicule is powerful


The Daily Scorecard references an article in the Hollywood Reporter, about a new film which has debuted at the usually—leftist Sundance Film Festival to great acclaim. Filmmaker Marc Levin's Protocols of Zion examines the revival in popularity of the fraudulent anti—Semitic tract, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and ridicules those who currently espouse it.

Levin engages a wide range of zealots —— neo—Nazis, Kabbalist rabbis, Holocaust deniers, Black nationalists, etc. —— and, essentially, gives them enough rope to hang their imbecilic utterances. As an interviewer, Levin is skilled and affable and builds momentum as he reports even scarier anti—Semitic tirades, including a speech from the Malaysian prime minister.

Levin's appraoch is exactly the way to deal with such lunatics. Congratulations to him, and (even though it sticks in my craw) to Sundance.

Incidentally, the Sundance Channel on cable television has recently revived its showing three times a night of a one hour excerpt of Al Franken's radio program. Making a television program out of a failed radio show is not exactly cutting edge.

But that is ridicule for another day.

Hat tip: Ethel Fenig

Thomas Lifson   6 7 05