Blair v Blair


As we look out over the horizon, there is increasing evidence that the leftist hodgepodge of multiculturalism and tolerance of Islamic intolerance is losing favor in Holland, France and now the UK. But there is one standout, Cherie Blair. [quote]

Only one person of political significance, it seems, has spoken out with a contrary view, arguing that the knee—jerk response of bringing in ever—more Draconian laws would "cheapen our right to call ourselves a civilised nation". Her remarks are extremely important — not least because she shares the Prime Minister's bed. "Cherie is effectively acting as the official Opposition," one disgruntled Labour MP said.

Cherie Booth QC (she uses her maiden name when speaking or appearing in a professional capacity) is, of course, one of Britain's leading human rights lawyers. It should, perhaps, have come as little surprise to hear her, addressing an audience of 1,000 lawyers, civil servants and diplomats in Malaysia on Tuesday, claiming that judges, and not politicians, were the true proponents of "ethical responsibilities".

She went on: "What the case [of the London bombings] makes clear is that the government, even in times when there is a threat to national security, must act strictly in accordance with the law."

Her comments represented both a warning to ministers in her husband's administration and a defence for Britain's most senior lawyers who, in a landmark and highly controversial judgment in the House of Lords last December, ruled against the government's policy of holding foreign terrorist suspects indefinitely without charge.(more)

Clarice Feldman  7 31 05