Blame America


My first reaction to Maggie Gyllenhaal's comments about the reprehensible things that America has done that justified what happened on 9/11 was a visceral anger. But then I realized...that's just the reaction her handlers were hoping to elicit when they scripted those words for her recite in an effort to generate free publicity.

I guess all these Hollywood phonies are too busy spending their ill gotten gains and patting each other on the back to bother reading about the hidden fees in the fine print of the free publicity contract. If I were a progressive political strategist, the first entry on my Blackberry for Monday morning would be a visit to my favorite stationer. I'd choose from the absolute finest selections of recycled pulp papers and biodegradable inks to send everyone in my address book a the copy of the definition of the word "backlash," with nothing else by way of an explanation.

Then I'd leave instructions for my assistants to keep a list of the names  from any quizzical replies. That would be my "Needs Work for '08" list. I suspect that the names on that list would be almost identical to most Hollywood/New York A lists.

Joseph Crowley   4 24 05