Many experts consider a pre—election attack on America a very likely possibility. This would be an attempt to  repeat the terrorists success in Spain after the Madrid train bombing in throwing the election to an appeaser. Here, they would hope to help elect John Kerry. One factor overlooked is the fact that the month immediately preceding our Presidential election will be the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (Oct. 16—November 13).

Although, this month has been spun by some as being a time for peaceful reflection , it has militant associations for Islamic radicals. This period also marks Muhammad's first victory over infidels, in 624, and the invasion of Israel by Egypt and Syria (still perceived as a victory in Arab circles). Last year, this period of time was called "Bombadan" by soldiers in Iraq due to the intense series of attacks by Islamic terrorists. Let us hope that Bombadan does not again arrive at our doorsteps.

Posted by Ed  9 7 04