Boo hoo


Michael Moore has announced that he won't submit Fahrenheit 451 for Oscar consideration  as Best Documentary this year, to enable it to be shown on television before the election.

Michael Moore's sacrifice would be truly touching if it didn't have a touch of subterfuge about it.  As he acknowledges he already has an Oscar; remember his ranting at the Awards ceremony?  The thrill is gone. So what can he do for an encore?  Why bot make more money, gain more influence by showing it on television? The controversial publicity will guarantee a viewership larger than the movie attendance, spurring DVD sales.  Once again Moore will be at the center of attention;  money will come rolling in.  The system he despises works so well for him.  And he will be able to claim martyrdom, and get an I.O.U from liberal Hollywood

Posted by Ethel C. Fenig  9 7 04