Boxer tells a whopper


Bob Novak must be a blogger and not even know it!  But he did check on Senator Barbara Boxer's claim that she never opposed President Bush's nominations for high office, except in a very few significant cases. The Senate Shrew obviously said this to add credibility to her opposition to John Bolton for the UN post. Boxer was trying to paint him as an outlier and herself as an easygoing judicious lawmaker who is just as interested in keeping the gears of government going as the next senator. Uh huh.

Turns out she was lying through her teeth. Like an automaton, she has systematically opposed  just about every Bush administration nomination that has come before her, Novak wrote. She's tried to portray anyone in the Bush camp as an "extremist" (you're projecting, Babs) and made an effort to throw sand in the gears of government to achieve what her party could not achieve by the ballot box.
Now the moron's been caught lying. No kidding. OK, we'll give you credit here for a good job, Bob Novak.
A.M. Mora y Leon 04 16 05