Bruni and the Sandalistas


Brunilde Sanso is a delightful Venezuelan engineering professor who teaches at a university in Montreal. Like an educated, rational person, she thought attending a film screening of 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," a BBC production would be an ordinary film screening.
Well, it wasn't. Bruni learned that a room full of baying Sandalistas who were there to worship Hugo Chavez was quite a different experience. Bruni describes how she attempted to reason with them, explaining out the Venezuelan realities that she knew firsthand as the lone Venezuelan in the room. Their reaction? They shouted her down, abused her, and invoked accusations that she a racist and oligarch — even though she is not even white! And they were!
Her essay is wonderfully well written and explains a lot about the thuggish behavior of Hugo Chavez's agents actively operating in the U.S. and even Canada. It's an engaging essay well worth reading here
AM. Mora y Leon 04 25 05