Byrd dropping


Our pal Don Surber reports from West Virginia that the latest polls have Senator/Kleagle Robert Byrd's lead over his probable opponent Rep. Shelley Moore Capito within the margin of error. For an incumbent, much less one of Byrd's power and longevity to be in such a tight race so far ahead of the election is a bad sign for Democrats.

Capito is Byrd's worst nightmare: young, pretty and influential. She has deep roots in West Virginia.....

What makes Capito formidable is not who her daddy is (Arch Moore is right up there with Byrd in popularity) but who she is. She was outspent 6—to—1 and 3—to—1 in a Democratic congressional district and handed Jim Humphreys his hat both times. The second time she beat him by 13 points even though Byrd came to the aid of Humphreys.

Byrd will have big money behind him. Soros may lose his shirt as the euro slides, but he still has his pants, shoes, socks and tie. The billionaire wing now owns the Democratic Party. They are mad as a hatter and rich as Midas.


Thomas Lifson   6 3 05