Byrd dropping


Don Surber, the remarkable writer for the Charleston Daily Mail, has a terrific column today on the re—election prospects for 88 year old West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd. Once upon a time, Byrd won his seat by a 30 point marging. But

The National Republican Senatorial Committee did a telephone poll of 500 likely voters on March 15—16 and found Republican Congresswoman Shelley Capito is within 10 points of Byrd.

Byrd was ahead 52 percent to 42. The margin of error is 4.3 percent, meaning that in 19 out of 20 cases, the numbers for the two would fall between 48 and 56 for Byrd and 38 and 46 for Capito.

The days of the 30—point wins may have passed.

It is far too soon to begin celebrating a Senate seat pickup in West Virginia. But the luster has dimmed for the man who has more highways, hospitals, rest stops, schools, and other facilities named for him than any other man in West Virginia history. And the state of West Virginia is drifting in the red direction.

Surber is a witty writer, and he owns the story on Byrd. Check it out.

Thomas Lifson   4 14 05