Can we talk?


Can we talk?  Sure.  But we don't have to listen.  And no one is listening——ok, a very few are——to Air America.

You remember Air America.  That's the mostly liberal radio talk show established by fuming liberals amazed that so many Americans exercised their free speech/free listening rights by not only eagerly tuning in to but agreeing with Rush Limbaugh and other right types. 
As documented here previously, Air America had a rough launch; murky finances, administrative turmoil and well, lousy shows with few listeners.  And while the first two problems have been solved somewhat this hasn't really helped improve the latter two problems.  Air America is limping along with little hope of getting a healthy audience according to Brian Anderson because conservative radio is more entertaining, the mostly liberal blacks and Hispanics already have their own targeted demographic shows and frankly most of the other media is de facto liberal, which originally spurred the development of  conservative radio.  Air America just does not fill a need.
But so true to form, liberals are turning to what they do best——government regulation——to quash competition.  Some want to revive the Fairness Doctrine to protect that favorite liberal word, diversity, forcing conservative electronic media to air an equal number of liberal shows that no one will listen to.  Apparently they don't understand that conservative radio brought diversity to the media.  Or maybe the liberals do understand this and want to return to their monopoly by killing the competition.
This won't happen.  Yakety—yak; yadda,yadda, yadda.

Ethel C. Fenig    4 21 05