Canada steps up


Canada has responded with its traditional humanity and its once—traditional affection for America in response to Katrina. North of the border, their media naturally focuses on how Canadians are helping their neighbors. Our friend Carol Graham, who lives in Canadam writes:

Canadians are doing well in NO, and the President, in all this turmoil took time out to say a special thanks for our help. This man has so much class, so much goodness, and he never stops trying to heal our relationship.

I know many people I have spoken with are so glad to see the Canadian flag on the uniforms being respected, and in turn, respecting
the Americans' vast and fantastic aid program that has been done so well, in spite ofany errors.

I am also so pleased to see the countries of the world's reaction. So many wanted to help, and now Americans can know they are more cared about than certain people tell us.

It does show the fantastic help American has given to the world is appreciated and they are here for America when needed. The giving and helping heart shown by the Americans always teaches us to give no matter the politics.