Carter insults Houston


Houston, the open—hearted city taking in more evacuees (they are seeking refuge, but we can't call them "refugees" — somehow that would be racist) than any other, is getting a hard time from the left. Smeared by the New York Times, Houston is now held up by former President Carter as the antithesis of a pristine environment. He refers to

Prudhoe Bay, which lies west of the Arctic refuge and is already an industrial landscape resembling Houston more than Yellowstone.

The President who helped create the oil crisis by capitulating to the overthrow of the Shah and the installation of a radical regime in Iran (which set about radicalizing the region); the President who made America look like a paper tiger by his ineffectual response to the Iranian hostage crisis; the President whose energy programs were DOA in Congress because of his own ineptitutde and unpopularity; this is the ex—President who wants to frustrate efforts to curtail dependence on radical regimes.

Ed Lasky and Thomas Lifson  9 13 05