Carter joins the shut down Gitmo chorus


Jimmy Carter, the President who helped weaken our defenses by cutting military budgets and leading an Administration that gutted the CIA  and who oversaw the disastrous and embarrassing Iranian hostage rescue efforts and who has spend his retirement helping North Korea develop nukes and chumming it up with various dictators (Arafat, Chavez), now tells us we should shut down Gitmo, one of the few places on the planet we can actually keep terrorists.
Ed Lasky   6 8 05
R.L.A Schaefer of Dubuque, IA writes:
Carter had his chance on Cuban prisons and failed. Because Carter didn't know what to do with the boat lift from Cuba, he talked Governor Clinton of Arkansas into taking the hard criminals from the prisoners Cuba unloaded on the USA. Clinton "credited" that with his defeat as governor. Then Clinton implied Reagan should  accept Cuban exiles on boats when he ran for President, but he backed down when he realized what Bush 41
knew:  it would endanger those coming over on boats and would lead to another incredible number of Cuban immigrants and a crisis that could be handled only by not allowing it to happen in the first place. It turns out that all of Cuba except Gitmo is a worse prison than Gitmo by itself. Carter should have called for Cuban prisons and the Communist government of Cuba to be shut down.