Chavez points a manicured finger


There aren't many things worse than a communist dictator who's actively confiscating land and driving his private sector out of business scolding local entrepreneurs with "to be a rich man is a bad thing"  Or intoning to them that they should "donate" half their companies to the government in a "co—management" scheme. And that the government will provide them with ample export opportunities  ... to Cuba.
Except maybe one thing: Doing it in a Lanvin suit, custom—tailored from Paris, with a Cartier watch on one's wrist.
I guess you know we are talking about here, dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who told the last remains of Venezuela's struggling business community they should give up all of their money, apparently to him. One can only wonder what they thought. This is the same Hugo Chavez who jets around in a luxury airliner while his larger—economy next—door neighbor, President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia, rides commercial airlines. And whose cronies are robbing the state oil company hand over fist, getting very rich indeed.
Blogger Miguel Octavio has an actual photo of Chavez's finger—pointing spectacle here
A.M. Mora y Leon 04 15 05