Chuck Schumer? Yes!


"Fatuous creep" is Roger L. Simon's description of Charles Schumer, everyone's favorite senior Senator from the Empire State. As a safety precaution, last night Brit Hume reminded the "Panel" and his viewers that the most dangerous place in Washington is between Schumer and a TV camera. I'm inclined to encourage Chuck to get as much airtime as possible for two reasons.

First, his slickly packaged nonsense regarding l'affaire Plame and judicial nominations should, in the long run, prove to be more of a lubricant to Bush's agenda than the Dem's. I cannot imagine that very many Americans take him seriously. He's seems little more than a smooth—talking huckster with a great stage presence, and thus our nation's capital little more than Hollywood East.

Second, the more he's on camera, the less we'll see of the junior Senator from New York. Just remember to be thankful for small blessings.

Dennis Sevakis   7 15 05