Finally getting homeland security right


Someone finally gets homeland security funding right

The New Hampshire Union—Leader, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, and Senator Judd Gregg are to be commended for understanding the solution to the homeland security funding boondoggle.  In the wake of the terror bombings in London, the paper reports that while most politicians reflexively react after a terrorist attack, and spend money on the cause du jour, Secretary Chertoff says that,

'We want to do it (enhance national security) in a disciplined way, we want to do it in a risk—focused way, and we want to be driven not just by last week's events but by all kinds of threats —

Unfortunately, homeland security funds have been allocated largely based on local political connections with no risk—based assessments.  The Union—Leader summed it up by saying:

The real obstacle comes in the form of politicians who want to use homeland security funds for pork and for political grandstanding. Lamentably, that is a tremendous — and extremely dangerous — obstacle.

Secretary Chertoff and Senator Gregg have their work cut out for them.  Attempting to cut the pork from billions of dollars of taxpayer money that heretofore has had little quality control and needs assessment will be a Herculean effort.  Watch Congress on this closely to see who is truly interested in homeland security, and who wants to funnel the pork to his home district.

Doug Hanson   07—13—05