Church of England in disgrace


Our friend in Britain Peter Glover is taking his gloves off in addressing the Church of England House of Bishops, who want to apologize to "the world" for Britain's part in the war in Iraq as the government "is not going to show remorse."

The bishops in the Church of England want — in the tradition of the true liberal ideological, unbiblical mind — to call all Christian leaders in the UK to concur in a joint statement or 'public act of remorse' for the war in Iraq....

...let us be clear first of all, the nature of those making this call. This is the same lame, woolly—minded bunch of liberals who have brought the modern Anglcian Church to its very knees through their guidance. The Anglican Church has, in recent years, been shown to be in its death throes (and I take no pleasure whatever in saying so — as a man Licensed within the Anglican Church). Survey after survey reveals the Church of England in various desperate degrees of "meltdown", "steep decline" and "on its knees".

Now I would like to make an apology. For this same bunch of theologically inept and politically clueless misfits that pride themselves in stalking the land donning purple shirts and inane human philosophies. I would like to apologise to the non—Christian world and point out that these people are largely 'journeymen clerics' who do not derive their faith from the Bible, their spirituality from the God of the Bible, nor their teachings from the Bible at all. In short, most (not all) of these men are out and out frauds. The kind identified in may parts of Scripture including Deuteronomy 4:2.

They are the same pharisaic, 'white—washed sepulchres' that Jesus harangued as leaders of the OT 'church'. Those who add  to God's teachings and detract from God's teaching, but rarely teach them.

As Richard Harris' s "Oliver Cromwell"  — in the film of the same name — tells a rotten—to—the—core, self—serving Parliament attempting to vote itself back into unelected power, so we are morally able to say (mustering as much carefully considered vehemence as we can) to the Church of England's modern House of Bishops: "You are scum, sir! And not even a truly representative scum at that." 

Thomas Lifson   9 19 05