Cindy Adams is a joke


Joking or not —— and of course jokes provide insight into the joker —— Cindy Adams is an example of why NY is out of touch with the country.  No diversity, pluralism or multi culturalism for her. Confined to a small section of her Manhattan island, she has a limited understanding of how other people live. She may learn when she is face to face, or rear to rear. 

Nah, her mind is already closed.  

BOARD up Wendy's, Denny's and Arby's. Get off the streets. The dele gates are coming.

What hasn't been mentioned is the many tactical problems associated with them coming here. For instance, airlines don't know if a spittoon is considered carry—on. Another thing, not all of our hotels are goat—friendly. And our restaurants have a dress code: no overalls. Our stores are shutting down because they know (A) that even the Religious Right realizes J.C. can also mean Penney. And (B) these people won't buy fall wardrobe made of real wool. They have to protect their family members. And (C) our cops are confused. They don't know if chewing tobacco is against the law.

Aliens from far—off galaxies like Louisiana and Utah are invading us.

Posted by Ethel C. Fenig  8 30 04