Clinton colonizes the UN


Now it appears that the lawyer, Greg Craig, who helped Clinton during the Elian Gonzales immigration issue, and helped him avoid impeachment regarding the Monica Lewinsky affair, has been the lawyer for Kofi Annan.  Craig is representing Annan free of charge.

If only the skills of such lawyers were available to the rest of us on such generous terms! There is more. A lawyer for a key witness who cooperated with the committee investigating the oil—for—food scandal charges that Clinton's consigliore has manipulated the panel to discredit his client and presumably help the Annan family. 

In a nutshell, Clinton has provided Annan with high—powered diplomatic and legal talent (who may have bent or broken the rules to manipulate the  investigation) free of charge, to defeat efforts by the Congress to discover the truth behind the oil—for food scandal.
This colonization of the United Nations by the Clinton extended family is abhorrent. Most ex—Presidents are willing to give others a chance to rise to positions of prominence. They can serve as honorary chairmen of this or that charity group, write memoirs (Clinton's profitably done that), serve on Boards of Directors, and preside over Presidential libraries. They don't need to interject themselves into international affairs (particularly accepting positions in international bodies undergoing Congressional oversight) in order to promote their wives' political careers.

Ed Lasky   4 13 05