Comment on Conservative Lament


quote Andrew Sumereau Conservative Lament today:

"Tragically, as Republican ascendancy reaches its apex, the conservative ideal as a practical contributing force to our national government, like Marley's Ghost, is "dead as a doornail.""

This statement is badly mistaken.  Andrew assertions about how the federal government is out of control are basically correct.  However, he didn't mention two salient points.  First, if a politician is to win an election, in most cases, he/she has to run as a conservative.  Second, the memory of voters is better then ever, politicians who promise small government, and then spend like drunken liberals are normally one term office holders.

The government is a huge cancerous beast, cutting it out of the vitals of our society is going to be a slow painstaking task with many set backs.  At this time, on domestic issues, we conservatives are not represented in the leadership of the Republican party.  This is fixable by educating the public and winning more elections.

Did you think this was going to be easy?  Did you think you could overturn a hundred years of liberalism and millions of fanatic leftists with a couple of elections?

The battle for freedom is ongoing war that will never end.  There will always be new generations of politicians (some sincere, some corrupt) who'll promise more then a government could or should provide.  So we suffered some set backs, fine get over it.  This war will only end when we conservatives get tired and cynical and quit fighting for what we believe.   Once that happens we'll be quickly rounded up and stuffed in little cells, so that the elites can go back to playing God without our interference.

I love my freedom and my son too much to let that happen.  I'm going to keep fighting, keep voting, keep trying to teach with every chance I get.  I'm not doing this in the expectation that there will be a great victory of conservative over liberals, I'm doing it because I love freedom and I will never, ever stop fighting for it.

Steven W Dugger    8 17 05

Andrew Sumereau reponds:

As Mr. Dugger surely demonstrates, the conservative ideal is alive and well across the country. Of this I am convinced. However, my point is that it is our Republican leaders that have betrayed this ideal.

The excuse that the problems of one hundred years of liberalism will not be overturned instantly is pathetic. A little history: National Review began publishing in 1955. The Goldwater movement began in 1964. Reagan was a elected in 1980. The "Contract with America" and a Republican landslide came in 1994.

Conservatives have been in charge much too long to find fault elsewhere.
Besides, although Mr. Dugger may continue to fight, as he should, who will he seek to elect. Mr. Gingrich as he continues to woo Hillary? Senator Frist, as he caves to the left on issue after issue? Arlen Specter, who Bush endorsed last election?

This is the salient fact that Mr. Dugger chooses to ignore. Clinton's last budget came in at a whopping $1.6 trillion. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress plan to spend a mere $2.5 trillion this year.

With all due respect, Fight for freedom. But let's get real. 

8 18 05