Cuba's dissidents debate democracy


It must take courage like Sharansky's or Havel's, but Cuba's brave dissidents — and only North Korea's could be braver — have announced their first conference to outline a new democracy in Cuba after the Monster, Fidel Castro, is gone. And they are doing it inside Cuba.

Like the patriots who came together in during the time of the Revolutionary War, this is the first seed of a credible civil society in formation. But in this Age of the Internet, the Cubans also encourage outsiders like us to send them their thoughts, and on Val Prieto's invaluable Babalu blog site, the form to send it is right there. 

Here is one real way to make a difference in the coming post—Castro Cuba and all well—wishers are encouraged to weigh in on this historic endeavor and encourage Cuba's emerging democratic leaders. The act alone will help buffer them from Castro's inevitable revenge.
A.M. Mora y Leon 04 15 05