Death cult usage


David Brooks has an excellent op—ed in the New York Times today, on the death cult nature of the enemy we face, a concept I raised in January. Additionally, Brooks rightly raises an eyebrow over the old media's reluctance to use the word "terrorist" to describe them, and invoking the specter of the judgement of history on them, another theme familiar to American Thinker readers.

Dissertations will be written about the euphemisms the media used to describe these murderers. They were called "separatists" and "hostage—takers." Three years after Sept. 11, many are still apparently unable to talk about this evil. They still try to rationalize terror. What drives the terrorists to do this? What are they trying to achieve?

They're still victims of the delusion that Paul Berman diagnosed after Sept. 11: "It was the belief that, in the modern world, even the enemies of reason cannot be the enemies of reason. Even the unreasonable must be, in some fashion, reasonable."

This death cult has no reason and is beyond negotiation.

Posted by Thomas  9 7 04