Dinner theatre with Ted and Dick


Think of a sunset in the Caribbean.  Now think of the jumpsuits worn by the detainees at Guantanomo Bay, Cuba.  Finally, think dinner at Gitmo.  Color all of these things 'orange.'  Jumana Musa, an official with Amnesty International, says "Whether or not people are being fed orange chicken...does not get at the heart of the issue."

What issue?  A bipartisan Congressional visit to the much—maligned holding facility, found there is no abuse going on down there.

Here in Arizona, where I live, Sheriff Joe feeds his inmates green baloney and makes them wear pink.  Now that's humiliating.  Nevermind the temperatures that reach 114 during the hottest part of the day...it was 102 at 9:30 last night!  That's got to be tough when you're trying to catch some sleep in tent city.

You want to talk about torture?  How about being serenaded in prison by Glen Campbell?

It happened last summer under the tent.  I actually like Glen but how long has it been since Rhinestone Cowboy topped the charts?  The act is getting old.  Just like the 'close Gitmo' song and dance the Dems are peddling to the MSM.  ABC had a summer series called Dancing with the Stars.  Perhaps some other network will counter with Dancing with Senate Democrats.  They could film live from the Gitmo entertainment hall.  Who would be paired with Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin?  Talk about two 'left' feet.

J. James Estrada    6 28 05