Diversity in farming


Why did the racists——whoops! excuse me——diversity advocates selectively pounce on just one segment of Lawrence Summers's now notorious musings?  Perhaps because such a fuss was made over delicate Nancy Hopkins, who suffered a case of feminine vapors upon hearing reason and true scientific approaches, that his other speculations were ignored.
Did all the other outraged racists——uh, there I go again, so sorry.  Of course I meant diversity advocates.  Anyway, why no fury when Summers also questioned the lack of Jews in farming?  Not one Jewish civil rights organization uttered a peep, not one person ran from the room demanding the right for Jews to plant wheat in Massachusetts or Iowa or have even complained about it.
This must change! Immediately! In the name of holy diversity, Lawrence Summers, maybe with the aid of the Department of Agriculture and the American Farm Bureau Federation, must start with a $50 million Harvard grant to right this terrible wrong.
And then attention must be paid to the terrible racial and ethnic——not to mention gender——imbalance in such sports as basketball and baseball.  More $50 million grants might right these grievous wrongs.

Ethel Fenig    6 5 05